Sweeping Changes Made to Ohio's Adoption Law

In March of 2015, Ohio made changes to the existing adoption law. Some of the changes that have been made are:

  • - Advertising is now permitted by certain classifications of adoptive parents
  • - The time to register with the putative father registry has been shortened
  • - The time to contest an adoption decree has been reduced
  • - State of Ohio Adoption Tax Credit has been increased
  • - Clarification is made as to what are living expenses and how they should be paid
Birth records unsealed for Hundreds of Thousands of Ohio Adoptees

For 51 years, adoptees adopted between 1961 and 1996 were denied access to their original birth records. Under the new law, adult adoptees can obtain access to some or all of their original birth information by filing the appropriate forms in Columbus.

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Many working adoptive families have taken advantage of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit or plan to use the credit in future adoptions. Each year the adoption tax credit is in danger of being cut from the federal budget. The amount of the credit can also change from year to year. It is important to get up to date information about the adoption tax credit which applies to your specific adoption.

Marriage Equality Laws

Currently Ohio does not allow two unmarried people to adopt a child, nor does the state allow two same sex partners to adopt a child, even if they are legally married in another state. Ohio also will not allow two females or two males to be named on a child's birth certificate even if they are legally married in another state. Due to pending Court cases, these rules may be changing. If the Ohio rules change, then there may be the ability for one partner to adopt their partner's child.