Lori’s Philosophy

Good Personal Advice and Even Better Legal Advice.

As an adoptive mother to an internationally born child, Lori is able to offer personal knowledge and compassion to the adoption process. She has witnessed the heart and dedication of birth parents making a difficult adoption decision, and has personally experienced the joy and elation of becoming an adoptive parent.

It is Lori’s belief that the decisions regarding an adoption plan should be made by the persons whose lives will be touched by the adoption. She understands that each adoption situation is unique. Her role, as an attorney practicing in the field of adoption law, is to be accessible and to advise her clients about the laws and legal issues in the State of Ohio. The selection of the adoptive family, the level of contact, and the exchange of information between the birth parents and adoptive parents are decisions that Lori’s clients make – not Lori.

Lori’s goal is to assist her clients in creating and achieving the adoption plan of their choice.