With a million questions and one BIG decision, you may be wondering, “What’s my first step?”

Understanding the process is very important and the first step is to find a person you can trust to help guide you through. Especially if you’re pregnant, you need someone who not only cares about your emotions and the future of your baby, but also has the knowledge and experience to handle the legal aspects of the process.

You may be wondering…

  • Do I need an attorney?
  • What are my rights?
  • What are my options?
  • Does the birth father need to be involved?
  • Can I choose the family for my baby?
  • Can I get financial help?

Did you know…

  • You have many rights under the laws of the State of Ohio.
  • You are entitled to an attorney to assist with this process without any cost to you.
  • No decision is binding until after the baby is born.
  • There are many different kinds of adoptions.
  • Your attorney can assist you in finding the right family for your child.
  • Financial assistance for living expenses is available.

For answers to these questions and more, contact us today. Also, see below for links to some excellent resources.